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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Life is good.

What a lovely housewarming at Miss A and Mr L's place last night.
Wonderfully chilled with wonderfully perverted conversations.
Regular faces, new faces, and catch-ups with others.
The 70's 'Tales of the City' theme was difficult. I had a dressup box full of stuff and couldn't decide what to wear, but finally went with a shiny late 70's Prom Queen look - silver dress with spagetti straps and unfettered boobies, silver strappy heels, silver (fake) fur stole, peach lipstick and 3 shades of blue eyeshadow.
My preppy date combed his hair carefully to the side, smartened himself up with a stripey tie and oh! gave me his class ring!
(*whispers* I think he likes me!).

Mr BP, sorry I didn't make it to your birthday... we intended to but (obviously) double-booked ...but I have started work on a pressie for you that you may love.

Today is (procrastinating from) cleaning the house day. Mr M wisely ran away before I got him to join in. But not until after I got him to help me move some furniture around *grins*.

I'm packing for a short holiday up north. Flying away tomorrow to visit my little sister. It's her birthday next week and she's not in totally tip top shape, so as a pressie I shall be trying to help get things done around her house for her. And cook her a rockin' pirate birthday cake!
Our Ma dropped over a pressie for me to put in my luggage for sister. She's also flying away for a short break somewhere. She also delivered the news that the middle sister broke her wrist this morn in a bad fall. Here's hoping her boyfriend is doting enough to look after her - what, with half her family disappearing from the city this week.

Also - it might be late notice for others, but I shall be giving it a burl...
Blog against Disabilism Day is tomorrow.
Run by Diary of a Goldfish and brought to my attention by Mr M and Miss K.
Blogging Against Disablism Day


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